This in-depth study of the firstfruits is for all Christians. The main forcus of this course is on firstfruits offerings.

There are prerequisites to most subjects you study. Before reading a novel written in English, you need a basic understanding of the English language. Before studying the topic of firstfruits, you need a basic understanding of not only the words used in the bible, but also an understanding of the words you have heard in church. This study of the firstfruits includes the prerequisites necessary to fully understand the subject.

We have attempted to organize this course in a logical order so that you will build on your knowledge of the firstfruits. To get the most out of this course, it is imperative that you study this material in the order presented. Some of the material presented may be new to you and may seem irrelevant to the subject. As you progress through the course, the relevancy will become clear.

This course is biblically based. We base nearly all our conclusions on the scriptures. Anytime a conclusion is based on our opinion, we tell you so.

We take God at His word. We don't draw conclusions based on what sounds good, what sounds right, or what makes us feel good or bad. We do our best to stick with the Word of God. Only the truth will set us free.

Your comments are always welcome.

Gary Arnold, Certified Money and Finance Minister

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