Before we start our studies of the firstfruits offerings, we need to understand the definition of firstfruits. Today's definition is not the same as the biblical definition.

The dictionary defines a word according to its usage at the time the dictionary is published. A current dictionary defines firstfruits as the earliest fruit of the season or the first product or result of anything.

It is common practice nowadays to call the first of one's income the firstfruits. But what was the definition of the word firstfruits when the Kings James Version of the Holy Bible was written?

As you can see from above, the Hebrew definition shown above means the firstfruits of the crop.

We have included most verses in the Bible that use the term firstfruits. In the Old Testament, the firstfruits offerings were always food from crops. In the New Testament, firstfruits has a different meaning. For each verse, we have included the Hebrew defintion or Greek definition to help you understand the meaning of firstfruits in that verse.

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